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I understand what it’s like to feel mentally stuck. I’m here to listen without judgement and ask questions that get to the heart of your struggles - so you can find your path to happiness.


3 steps to a better YOU


1 Book your appointment

Schedule an appointment for individual or couples therapy.

You can click to schedule with the app on my website, or contact me by phone or email.

2 Uncover your deepest challenges

During therapy, we’ll discuss your struggles and work together to overcome them.

I know that no matter what life puts in your way, there is a healthy path forward.

3 Own your new, happier life

Therapy keeps getting better as you do. And soon, you won’t recognize the old you.

I can’t wait to discover what I can help you achieve.


STop feeling stuck, depressed, and unfulfilled.

Start taking care of you.


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Booking is easy.

  1. Choose Therapy in office or online, then select your time slot. All 50-minute sessions cost $190 flat.

  2. Enter your name and email address, then enter your phone number if you want to be able to receive text notifications.

  3. You’ll get reminders to confirm or cancel your appointment before your chosen time. We’ll email you 48 hours prior, then text and email you 24 hours prior.


You can also

Call me at (818) 753-6606.


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No one wants to feel depressed, Anxious, or downright stuck,
But it can seem impossible to break through alone.
I’m here to help.