Let’s Talk About Divorce.


Is divorce group therapy a way to get to the next step in your life?  Yes! With Los Angeles being a complex town don’t you deserve to drive down the road you choose?  How does one separate from relationships successfully in Southern California? Group therapy is a great way to understand the ending of relationships and the beginning of life after divorce.

The American Psychology Association (APA) provides data reflecting that 50 percent of first marriages terminate in the United States. Moreover, second and third marriages have higher rates of failure.  Additionally, the length of the average U.S. marriage is at seven to eight years. Thus, it is daunting to realize that one might benefit in being realistic about marriages terminating. If you are new to separation is it worth recognizing that there is no easy discussion about your thoughts and feelings?  Each person handles, experiences and processes divorce differently. The article 14 Things No One Tells You About Divorce is a great read in the recovery process from separation of a loved one.  

As a Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles I often help people gain momentum towards defining happiness after divorce.  This momentum is a process which includes a rebirth. During this process we often find out who you are: The forgotten you and often the new you.    

People often experience irrational thinking by believing divorce equals failure.  Toxic and unrealistic guilt can be present. Hurt, disrespect or anger in believing we are replaced often surface.  Is there a significance in the discussion of the dynamics of family? Is losing a marriage also losing close bonds with your ex-partner’s family?  Where is the discussion of friends? If you are bonded to your ex-partner’s friends, how can you keep that bond without causing friction? What are the boundaries with friends?  In divorce you can get child custody or monitored visits; but, there is no judge that grants mandated friendship custody. In a best case scenario, one can communicate with their partner about such acts of fairness?  However, some break-ups lead to tensions that might not allow for easy healthy mature transitions. That is why utilizing other’s life-stories, and listening to others, who have experienced divorce or separation is smart, healthy, and a caring act for yourself and your ex-partner.  


Group therapy for separated and divorcees is beginning in October Saturday mornings:  Space is available, call this week to discuss participation.

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