Therapy Services

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Family Issues and Life Cycles
  • Adolescent and developmental stages
  • Peter Pan gets gray hair and a bald spot(the death of Peter Pan)
  • Cinderella and Snow White (What they didn’t tell you could happen after the bitter divorce and after Menopause)
  • Gender identity and alternative family issues
  • Building a better self and leading a better life
  • Understanding one’s role in the community
Life Management
  • Education and career change
  • Life coaching and time or work management
  • Success management (improving life when things are going well!)
Behavioral Supports
  • Anger and anxiety or stress management
  • 12-step programs for alcohol (AA), cocaine (CA), and other narcotics (NA)
  • Attachment and relational issues
Mental Health Rehabilitation Support
  • Loss and grief or bereavement
  • Depression
  • Trauma and critical incidents
Group Therapy and Support Groups