Throughout Dr. Strayhorn's career, he has learned that people are shaped by the experiences of their childhoods. These experiences may be positive, unique, traumatic, quirky or psychodynamically dark, but they all eventually present themselves in adult relationships.

From couples, families, and friends to work settings and other interpersonal/intrapersonal relationships, every intimate association works differently. This is especially the case when a relationship involves money, property, investments or other valuable objects.
Dr. Strayhorn's experience working as a liaison to several social service agencies has helped him realize that reconnecting an individual to his or her family is the key to building a better person. This starts with creating an awareness of the many benefits that a support system can provide. That is why his philosophy is based on the firm belief that:
  •   An established network of support with some guidance and counseling help build a better Self
  •   If the Self is strong, the family is strong
  •   If the Self and family are strong, relationships are strengthened and the Community thrives
In his experience working with young couples, age 16-24, he has found that most started to have success and build an identity as a couple when they realized that their relationship was a new nuclear family or a new primary relationship. He also thinks it is critical to emphasize the value of the relationship with their parents, siblings, and extended family. That support system is an important component in helping couples advocate for themselves and set boundaries and expectations within their relationship, as well as with their extended family.

Dr. Strayhorn believes that the family, the extended family, the individual, and the support systems that we develop essentially represent the community. The community is also a reflection of Ourselves.