Friday, December 21, 2018

Christmas and your Self Care and Mental health

person showing brown gift boxThe holidays are here!  For some of us they are joyful.  For others perhaps complicated and they return us to difficult and painful memories.  Regardless of past feelings stress is all around the holidays.  With this in mind Coping at Christmas - 5 Top Tips to Look After your Mental Health is a starting point to control your next few days.  If you do have stressors create a list of 5 categories that you can manage and control.  One key issue that often surfaces in therapy sessions is family.  If you have issues with stress or communication with family set limits.  If conflict is a predictable...
issue set a time limit for the family; or bring a friend for support; or take a break and leave and return. Why set yourself up for conflict by arriving at your family home earlier than needed?
couple kissing while holding merry and bright signageSpending the holidays away from your partner can be beneficial to the relationship as well.  So as you embrace the holidays remember to embrace your mental health and to take care.  It might be the time of year to Look After Your Mental Health During Christmas.

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