Thursday, October 25, 2018

Romance & Commitment Challenges for Millennials

During the Baby Boomers and Generation X years the dating world was different. Some might say that the ideals and traditions of past generations makes dating today more complex. Simply put; dating and relationship roles were easier because they were clear. Roles were more defined.

Now with student loans, personal finance woes, and political disagreements with family and friends it is no wonder that people are anxious or depressed. It seems our societal and daily challenges are now the normal way of life. It is no wonder millennials could be set for romantic, social and career failure because of being overwhelmed.

As a society we are not addressing these issues that affect millennials as our times have indeed changed.

As our social ideals are changing how does one support independence in forming relationships while understanding the past and allowing the future to occur. Remember, just fifty years ago it was considered scandal in most American to have an affair, or sex, without being legally married. Many of these past scandals forced high profiled celebrities and socialites out of the country ultimately becoming topic for the U.S Supreme court. The times have changed. It was not that long ago that Kim Kardashian was involved with a sex tape that literally exploded her image and celebrity status to who she is today. Her mother Kris Jenner openly talked about her own affair as well as her daughter's experience. This discussion of intimate exposure and sexual experiences in the past was scandal perhaps. But for many in this country it was morally corrupt. Times have changed as these are topics of discussion not topics of "sin."

So how do we adjust for social change with the millennials as they sext and show body parts in a it's-no-big-deal-fashion. Maybe it isn’t or maybe it is a big deal. Regardless of your thoughts, shouldn't it be a discussion of inclusion with millennials? There is no easy answer to listening and good communication but we can hope that the millennials have good role models. You cannot give opinions or offer advice if you are not reflecting positives in your own relationships and social engagement. In the end, we should have faith that this smart vivacious generation can figure out their lives, as the generations did before them.

I can help...

I am a therapist that works with millennials.
The main course of my sessions is the avoidance of preaching; the avoidance of unwanted mentoring; and the avoidance of assumptions that I know what their lives are like. Unless lives are in danger or there are mandated reporting issues.

I don't interfere.

I collaborate with their goals and lives. As cliche' as it may seem, listening is a commodity that is valued. The generations before millennials are often assuming about the youth in their community. Boomers and X'ers only assume their mid-life crisis is of merit and often disregard a millennials life crisis. Older generations often lack empathy or knowledge of legitimate financial, emotional, and social stressors the youth face. 

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