Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is There a Difference in Counseling, Therapy and Analysis?

Therapy is for “The Crazies.” Or for “The Weak;” or, Those Guys that “Have Problems.” --   Or is It?

man standing on rock formation with water falls

Let’s assume this is true.  Is therapy really only for for the severely mentally ill, or socially vulnerable?  If we choose this belief to be true, we create an absolute and minimize the possibilities for the use of psychoanalysis for positive useful power.  Furthermore, we underscore its intent to strengthen the individual to a higher level of self awareness and social awakening that could lead the Self and culture to the greater realms of mankind. Could therapy (or analysis) be the lottery ticket; the gateway; the answer to a better happier richer life? Could it really be that simple? Yes. Yet, simple answers are often not what we wish to hear and sometimes hard to do.

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Awkward of Sexual Health and the Moments of Discomfort, or Comfort - Part 3

Sexually Awkward Norms and Shattered Myths - Continued.

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Awkward = good sex = good health = good life.  Keep the "ouch" and the "uh, oh no, sorry" in the fluidity of normal.

In the initial discussion of August 10, 2018’s The Awkward of Sexual Health we explored the thoughts of sex and awkward moments being complicated. What most of us already know is that in some way sex, despite any negatives, is beneficial for our well being.  Good fun sex is not meant solely as a procreational discussion, but it is sometimes lacking in the general population’s intrigue when it relates to the positive health benefits of the individual. In fact, if one was focused on the history of sex we might learn that many religious and spiritual leaders have evolved in recognizing that sex between consenting adults could lead to a further strengthening union and bond that is added to the specific functionality of procreation (or propagation).

With this theme of fun sex and it’s linkage to improved health how do we demystify the previous discussions of glorified sex and unrealistic pressures of perfection mentioned in cinema and the media?  The Answer? ...