Monday, July 9, 2018

Not Getting Divorced Might Cost You!

Graffiti on an old brick wall reads “until debt tear us apart”
For those of you who have financial security divorce can be complicated.  Navigating through life’s changes also becomes a mental health concern when the stressors of long term financial planning is involved. However, one’s financial ease and having control of finances allows for opportunities with increased happiness. I just heard an NPR podcast discussing Why Divorce Lawyers Are Advising Their Clients To Finalize Agreements Before 2019. Although my role as a therapist in Los Angeles is not to...

provide financial or attorney services is it appropriate to discuss the domains that affect marriage and divorce?  Money.

When and how does one collaborate with a soon to be ex-partner about finances and other personal subjects?  Ideally we should be openly discussing finances. If the relationship is unsalvageable and toxic, then could sharing and transparency not be in your best interest?  In ideal relational situations one might transition from a marriage to a cordial un-coupled familiar. However, things are not always so simple or easy. Data supports that women are not the financial winners in divorce and data further indicates that women fall into less wealth than their male counterparts in older age. Therefore, it might be appropriate for women to understand and prepare for a foreseeable divorce.

If we enter into a marriage with obstacles that make for high risk for divorce why not address these issues in a healthy mature way before marriage so that you can be loving and supportive when the issues surface?  If knowledge is power? Then knowing your marital challenges is a strength that could lead to a successful marriage and possibly a healthy divorce.  

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