Monday, June 25, 2018

Is Alzheimer's the New It Topic?

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Over the past week there have been multiple settings in which dementia overshadowed the conversations.  Ranging from office settings, to in depth phone conversations, to dinner parties, to random running into old friends at the grocery store the discussions centered around Alzheimer’s.  So, if you wish to revisit my past blog about Alzheimer’s and its links to sleep or the phenomenal story of Glen Campbell’s journey through Alzheimer’s as he storytells through music why he’s Not Gonna Miss You it might be worth the review.
This crisis as previously mentioned in earlier blogs is massive and only continuing as the Great Generation and Baby Boomers out live their expectations.  This unexpected longevity is due in part to pharmaceutical companies, modern medicine, and overall healthy living and alternative lifestyles.

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So, today I wanted to continue the questioning and further the discussion by science based and general every day news.  Style and TV personality Robert Verdi (who I think I saw at my gym a few months back!) gives a personal account of his relationship to Alzheimer’s.  Also, in today’s news many healthy people are embracing lifestyle changes to combat Alzheimer’s. Moreover, as clinical trials continue, new studies are cautiously questioning linkage to various viruses and the relationship to Alzheimer's.  Lastly, perhaps the most informative sharing of information is the personal account of Linda Powers in the Former Missouri Football Coach Manages Alzheimer’s with Wife’s Help article.  What is article blends nicely is the personal narrative with statistics and financial explorations.  Family working for free to manage situations that professionals should be managing; to their accounts of $5,000 annual costs ( at first read I assumed they made a mistake as I would advise a family to prepare for a $5,000 a MONTH cost).

All to day, how are you going to manage this dementia (oops, I meant dilemma).  Are you going to address it now or ignore it as it pulls and tau’s and neurofibrillarily tangles around in your loved one’s brain?   Or… your brain.

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