Monday, March 19, 2018

Is Anxiety Interfering with Our Relationships?

We all know relationships can be difficult to sustain, maintain, and nurture.  Whether we are in an intimate union, or working through friendships, family or workplace relationships how can we fathom thinking about placing someone first, or spending quality time, or improving our partner’s happiness when there are so many
stressors in our ongoing daily lives?  As a therapist in Los Angeles I find that this city is not solely creating complexities for clients. What we are witnessing is the national and global sphere becoming accountable for imposing demands on our psyche that we might previously had not faced. Has anxiety now become a culprit in the destruction of your dating or marital or relational experience?  Anxiety with family and work stressors can seem recognizable. However, we might miss cues that anxieties are weakening the functioning of the relationship. Yes, anxiety can harm relationships. The article How Anxiety Destroys Relationships (and how to stop it) gives an insightful 5 point discussion with starting points of working toward stopping anxiety’s interference with your partner engagement.  Whether managing panic or putting off issues this article starts the discussion of reducing anxiety to strengthen happiness.

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Another take on managing this issue of anxiety is addressed with sensitivity in Anxiety and Relationships: How to Stop it Stealing the Magic.  The goal of reducing anxiety is not just to have a better relationship or to reduce the fighting but to reach a more impactful form of connection.  Bringing in vulnerability and inclusion allows for bonding. The comments at the end of this article have personal accounts that normalize anxieties.  You might get a bit vexed with the number count in the article but if you can overcome the editing glitch you might walk away with a zest for using these ideas for improving your interaction with your relationships.   Lastly, often we identify a problem and then beat ourselves up unnecessarily. So if we can honor that stressors and anxiety are inevitable in life we just need to identify when we have stress. Being aware of that stress is crucial in feeling the presence of your relational energy.  If you can learn that anxiety can be a healthy part of relationships you are not just the recipient of good news but on the road to living, loving, and enjoying.  

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