Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Beauty and Complex of Blended Families

Woman and Child

As a therapist in Los Angeles I have witnessed these vibrant and beautiful and complex identities who are a striking part of relationships and communication. Jungian therapy is a powerful medium in exploring the collective and community's unconscious ultimately bridging the gap to explore the world at large. If you have a moment, please watch
this video that gives a phenomenological account of life experience from children of blended families from The Loving Generation.

Often love conquers all. However, blended families can create communication challenges that have nothing to do with love or commitment.

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Historical content and an unaware of the generation collective can place roadblocks into intimacy unknowingly. Genuine inquiry and listening and commitment play a significant role in success within the New Normal. Also, what must be recognized is that acknowledgment that one needs to learn and understand the other person's life and history and feelings. And then after starting that journey there must be a awareness that you might not ever fully understand. Assumptions and entitlement or an unknowing arrogance often places people in unwanted and unintended traps preventing the desired outcome of intimacy within a blended relationships.

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