Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

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As today is February 14, 2018;  it might be an opportunity to understand Valentine's Day's origins, which were not so romantic.  Sorry folks.  The beauty is that false narratives and
fake news can produce positives but the importance is understanding the full story and then create positives from the original accounts.  Or basically, learning to make lemon-aide from lemons is a great social and survival tool.  Frankly, I have frequently stated "when you have lemons make Lemon Bars!"

But this holiday can stir up many emotions.  As a therapist in the Los Angeles, North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Silver Lake area and as a marriage and family therapist who works with the culturally diverse (or as I now love saying the New Normal) I witness the challenges of being single on Valentines Day through accounts from clients.  So, if this holiday is trying (a recent breaking up, a loveless and sexless relationship, wanting to be in a relationship) take action by filling up your time with enjoyable activities (socializing with friends, volunteer, go hiking, or do some work around the house, babysit your friend's kids).

If this holiday is a good one look at the past history of Valentine's Day and know how mankind has the power to create positives out of negatives!
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