Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Glen Campbell and His Miraculous and Elegant Contribution Transcending from Music to Alzheimer's to the Ancestors

[Please review previous post (Monday May 11, 2015): An ICONIC Glen Campbell puts a new face to Alzheimers.]

NPR has a way of stopping me from what I am doing.  Usually it is when I am driving.  It can be a thrilling informative moment; a moment of overwhelming love type goodness; or, it can be chilling.  I was driving today and was stunted:  I had followed Mr. Campbell
over the past few years from an intimate distance.  I never met his current wife but I knew her.  I never met Mr. Campbell but I knew him.  My Dad never forgot me as he did his children, he always knew who I was.  However,  there might have been times that I suspected he did not know me.  Our minds play tricks on us with or without Mr. Dementia entering the room.  It might have been easier for me to think he always knew me.  Hence, I was just a familiar that allowed him to listen to Miss Nancy Wilson, whom he favored. I was a non-threatening figure that allowed him to go outside and see a little league baseball game.  I never met Mr. Campbell's children but I knew them.

NPR and Blake Farmer had a wonder tribute today you can listen to their narrative:  Glen Campbell, Country Music Legend, is Dead at 81.

Please listen to his haunting last major hit (Academy Award nominated Not Gonna Miss You).   This song has a spiritual and psychic gift from the Divine which helped Mr. Campbell work as a poet -  possibly his most powerful medium within his medium.  Despite what Mr. Campbell said I am gonna miss you, and my father.

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