Friday, August 11, 2017

Continuing the Battle of the Sexes and Communication.

I wanted to continue from last week's, August 7, 2017, blog Communication is a Skill - Especially in Relationships.  

The concern is not just an issue of effective communication in traditional relationships but the dynamics of context (not content) in sharing language and information to partners, family, friends and coworkers.  

So the Secret in Male and Female Communication truly falls in the
building of a relationships and the context of meaning (words, body language, subtle nuances, time and place and settings).  Moreover, the principles a couple, whether traditional or the-new-normaled, develop in healthy engagement depend on their commitment in forming a union which leads to long term life partnerships.  This takes work.

Landscape Mountaineering Ranger High CampAs many couples are having healthy mergers outside their ethnic origin, race, culture, and religion (and political affiliation) it becomes more challenging to dive into the world of the other person's view of life as they know it.  So, to submerge into your partners culture, to learn how they see the world and to accept and grapple with the context/content of communication is a part of the relationship process.

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