Monday, August 7, 2017

Communication is a skill - Especially in relationships!

When You become exhasperated with your partner remember; it's Science, it isn't their fault!

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How does gender affect the way we communicate? In Carolyn Gregoire’s article Men and Women Literally See Things Differently, she introduces some interesting statistics. It is not clear if she attributes
these differences to social conditioning or genetics, but this study reflects one aspect of how a combination of nature vs. nurture play a role in how men and women communicate and perceive communication.  
Woman Face Head Question Mark Circle TreeAllan Reiss M.D,  professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and of radiology, writes in his post, Study finds differences in male, female brain activity when it comes to cooperation, on Stanford Medicine's website, “It’s not that either males or females are better at cooperating or can’t cooperate with each other. Rather, there’s just a difference in how they’re cooperating.” He argues that these differences are influenced by gender (as created by social construct and neurological design).   
How can you apply this understanding of intrinsic gender differences to your relationships? How can it affect your patterns with your spouse, with your family and co-workers?  As a therapist providing couples counseling in Los Angeles, it would be short sighted to not bring into the session these inherent differences between men and women and different styles of communication and to consider how this might impact same sex couples in regards to healthy communication with each other and with the people in their life.
The clinical role of a family or marriage therapist in discussing or exploring improvement of relational communication is not to direct how you must communicate, but to support you and your partner as you define your style of effective and supportive interaction, and help you become aware of the intricacies of these interactions. Each union has a style. How do you manage your communication style for your mutual benefit?
"It's not an oral communication. It's body language, eye contact, the grinning, the little signals that go on between people." —Keith Richards, quoted in Rolling Stone, 14-28 July 1994.  

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