Friday, April 7, 2017

Secret to a Good Life According to the Longest Happiness Study Ever

Woman, Man, Persons, People, Couple, Together, TwoLongitudinal studies are great, they provide a wealth of valuable information. The problem is getting the data. Between the study being cancelled, or subjects dying or discontinuing it often makes it impossible to get great long term empirical evidence or narratives that accurately reflect the studies original intention. 

This new 75 year Harvard study on healthy adult development (Yes! 75 years)
emphasizes Dr. Robert Waldinger's, work on quality of life. His team's basic premise is that "... Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

Couple, Love, People, Woman, ManMany community based case managers, social psychologist and analyst most often agree with the connection of mankind and the benefits of healthy social interaction.  As we transition through life cycles the significance of your friends and the quality of relationships is crucial and supported by the study.

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What is important to understand is one's belief about their relationships meshed with the reality of healthy meaningful relationships links to one's overall well being and happiness. Success in later life is a result of the relationships you cultivate and keep.  Success later in life is not based on money despite what we think (Although in The United States money or financial assets seem to be an obvious benefit).  

They would also include one 1,500-square-foot shared common building that would have a kitchen, space for dinners, activities, and guest accommodations.About two years ago a group of friends received positive news coverage due to their close relationship and commitment to their community.  They basically created their family of friends.  The beauty of these seven friends and their tiny house community is that they had control of their lives and established their support systems on their terms.  Thus, they are examples of designing happiness within their own reality -- happiness. 

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