Friday, April 14, 2017

Millennial Daters will one day be EEK -- Grandparents!

There Are 2 Types of Modern Relationships: Which Is Yours?

Is there enough thought and support for millennials and relationships?  During the Baby Boomers and Generation X Era the dating world was different.  Some might argue the nuances of past generaions made dating more complex.  However,
the roles (although often unfair, and socially stunted) were more defined.  Now with student loans, the political discord in the U.S and globally, the lack of contained stability in the country, the argument of which-lives-matter-most, the mass executions in Orlando and Santa Barbara (the full list is too haunting to report), and countless other social stressors it is no wonder the millennials could be set for marital (marital is used to encompass meaningful significant partnered relationships) failure.  

How are we supporting this population?  This is more of a self reflective question for those with millennial children or in the position to share experiences or mentor in the romance category.  

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As time and social constructs are changing how do you support independence in forming relationships while understanding the past and allowing the future to occur.  Remember, it was not too long ago in 1950 that 3 time Oscar, Tony, Golden Globe (multiple), and Emmy (multiple) award recipient Ingrid Bergman was in scandal for affairing with her future husband. This was such scandal that America forced her out of the country and it ultimately became topic for the U.S Supreme court.  The times have changed.  So how do you adjust for social change with the millennials as they sext and show body parts in a it's-no-big-deal-fashion.  There is no easy answer to listening and good communication but we can hope that the millennials have good role models.  You can not give opinions or offer advice if you are not reflecting positives in your own relationships.  In the end, we should have faith that this smart vivacious generation can figure it out as the generations did before them.

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