Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! 2017 -- We Have Been Waiting for You!

New Year Happy New Year New Year Celebrati
Let’s be honest.  This was a brutal year for many.  Social media recorded people stating that they wanted this year to be over.  One person whom I have admired for years eloquently stated on his Facebook page  that “2016 can eat my [expletive].”  

Looking back on 2016, the year was strikingly hard as we lost many iconic celebrities who were still artistically prolific.  The year started with artists such as David Bowie’s unexpected death from cancer followed by many other high profiled deaths throughout the year such as Prince’s relationship to Fentanyl.

Perhaps the close of the year was hauntingly symbolic with George Michael’s Last Christmas -- as he died on Christmas Day.  Yet, of all his songs, arguably the most memorable waltz of his career was the beautifully poetic ballad Jesus to a Child which was