Monday, November 21, 2016

Loving vs. Virginia - a love story?

Or a Divine Message From the gods Revisited to Stir an Unease in the Psyche of the 2016 America?

An engaged couple holds hands against a wooden railing in black and whiteIn 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Loving (how appropriate) experienced an opportunistic emergence which ultimately produced Loving vs. Virginia. Some 60 years later the idea of an interracial marriage is not only acceptable, it is relatively common in many areas in the United States. What we had with the Lovings was a political and social vexing that led to a change in life, and relationships, as we know it.

The Lovings were a symbolic Psyche, a mythos.  With Aphrodite representing Virginia, the legal system and ultimately the United States Supreme court; Psyche as, of course, Mildred (also, Richard and Mildred, as a unit, at times worked as the symbolic of Psyche); and, Cupid (Eros, depending on how Depth/Jungian you wish to go) as the Loving relationship itself, and the Loving’s love.  For further analysis of this chronicle of Psyche’s relationship to transforming into her full being or immortality Erich Neumann has a provocative insight in his Amore and Psyche: The Psychic Development of the Feminine (Neumann, 1956).  

As mythology and Neumann presents Psyche’s innocence,

and perhaps just her being born, produces a consequence that ends the mythical age in the archetypal world, the age in which the relation between the sexes depended only on the superior power of the gods, who held men at their mercy.  It is as if Neuman and the gods themselves find relevance in modern love by stating Aphrodite as a superior power (Virginia and the U.S. Supreme Court) and Great Mother.  He further prophets by transcribing that Loving begins the age of human love, in which the human psyche consciously takes the fateful decision of itself (Neumann, 1956: p. 146).

So, why is the Loving’s love-at-first-sight- relationship a profound true love story relevant?

It might just be nothing more than forgotten history in which many of our country's youth have no knowledge. Hopefully, continual golden moments such as the Jeff Nicholas helmed film Loving will use time as a graceful bedsided medicinal for healing in this bitter ended winter of our 2016.  The healing part of this film is the strength of the story.  Healing as the pseudonym for social tolerance, progress, social graces toward others, and interpersonal relationships.  If the audience for this film allows itself, it might make room for discussion of what is relevant in society, culture, and humankind.  If the power in good and innocence can cause Psyche to go through the three tasks (impossible to accomplish alone) and ultimately become the only mortal to gain a place in Olympus; then, is it possible for Mildred to return to her place of home with Richard.  What is often forgotten in the full myth is the reward of completing the three tasks and earning Aphrodite’s acceptance - Pleasure (Greek defined as Joy).  There are many pleasures that are produced through the pains of Richard’s and Mildred’s travels.    

So, definite positives for this film.  But the real beauty is how its simplicity and focus on characters and its believability can allow us to recognize that there is hope; and that rural communities have rich impacting stories that need to be heard.  And if listened to positive social outcomes occur through challenging times.  This might be argued based on mythology and history and Loving experiences. What is sometimes so black and white really is a part of the American experience.  We are not a homogenous society. Diversity is our way of life.

Thus, past divides as well as present divides help us to recognize Diversity, and Loving and Humankind and Difference which represents the strength of the United States of America, the Americas and the Global community.  

What is sometimes so black and white really is a part of the American experience.  We are not a homogeneous society. Diversity is our way of life.  And Diversity, and Loving and Humankind and Difference is the Strength of the United States of America, the Americas and the Global community. The struggle of right and wrong; good vs. evil; and social order can be heard through the justice of time.

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