Monday, September 21, 2015

67th Emmy Awards -- Best Actress Viola Davis

How to Get Away with Crossing the Line:

When I saw Ms. Davis acceptance speech for the 67th Emmy Awards I was awed.  The roles of the world as we know it are changing.  One of my mentors told me that when you write at a higher scholastic level you must say what you are going to write about; then outline it in a way that is simple and brief; then say what you said you were going to say; and say it; and then repeat what you said.  I think for the first time I disagree with my mentor.  I think one just needs to listen to Ms. Davis narrative.  She allows you to flow into her imagination and then brings you into her world while still allowing you to have your own imagination.  If you saw the speech at the awards ceremony you might notice that her speech started off whimsically