Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Farewell: Greatness is in Mankind

South Africa Cape Town Monument Nelson ManLast week South Africa bid farewell to President Nelson Mandela. I was not sure if mentioning Mandela's funeral or his global meaning here in this platform had any merit because the event was well publicized.  I just did not  know what I could say to continue a healthy discussion.  But this is the discussion.  Is the inmate
in the correctional facility of any value to mankind?  Is the inmate a tax burden or is he someone that can change the course of global consciousness?

At one point, we know that President Mandela could have received the death penalty.

It is no question that he has a strength and courage and inner spirit far surpassing many of us.  So the question is how do we identify the inmate, the criminal, the prisoner that is doing perceived horrific things, when the horrific things done end up being the events and principles that make us a better race.  He might have given greatness. But on a small measure he has given many the awareness that inmates deserve to be treated with dignity and humanity and kindness.

The criminal we loath today can become the national leader and global mythos of greatness and spiritual divine right here on earth.  The theme that is criminal at one point in time can become the standard of good at another.
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