Monday, October 28, 2013

If it is true, would it change the world as we know it?

World, Earth, Space, Hands, GlobeAnd if it is true, would our government botch it up and destroy us all because of bipartisanship?  I frankly am on the fence on this one. Aliens?  What is the government’s protocol about Extraterrestrials Are they coming or are we going or are they already here or a combination thereof?  With the film Gravity by now earning $200 Million at the box office it seems that the idea of Star Trek, relating to space and space travel is becoming more of a reality than just pure fiction. 
Our scientists are exploring other domains outside our planet.  So, what are your thoughts on this?  What I will say is that the History Channel has the series Ancient Aliens that makes even the most skeptic raise an eyebrow.  What would we do if there was some communication?  What would I do if a client entered my room and stated that he had been abducted by a spaceship?  Would I just diagnose him as “crazy,” or professionally label him as schizophrenic as he tells me of his hallucinations?  Or, would I listen and learn from someone that has had an experience that many would perceive as “crazy.”  Read more about Dr. Strayhorn's practice and philosophy...

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