Monday, May 27, 2013

Laughter Is Healing!

Happy Holiday Weekend: Make sure to laugh and find humor throughout the week!

Quito, May 22nd, (Andes) – “Humor has a therapeutic effect; not only does it feed the spirit, soul, and mind, but also the body through the immunity it generates. Happiness and good humor are poetry that surges from a spirit without hate,” says Lenin Moreno, the highest ranking paraplegic within the Americas.   

I didn’t know much about Vice President Moreno untilI heard him in an interview on
talk radio this weekend.  It isn't that I don't care about leaders outside the United States; I think it is more about having an availability to their political and social platforms that interest me in some way.  So, during the interview I became connected to what he represents. Vice President Moreno is a leader in the protection and understanding of the Amazon’s environment; an advocate for Ecuadorian and global disabilities; a man with a personal story of overcoming a personal tragedy; and a man with a path toward a Nobel Prize. Moreover, perhaps is his insight and awareness for Humor Optimism, or Laughter Therapy.   Vice President Moreno has authored multiple works on the therapeutic component of laughter and humor and its positive effects on the individual and the community.  There is dream analysis, there is narrative therapy, and psychopharmalogical treatment.  But his knowledge from a personal perspective and from his research gives insight to humor and laughter becoming a perfect intervention for healing.   

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