Monday, April 22, 2013

It a Baby Booming time we live in.

Ah the Leisure (or Stressors) of Retirement: It Affects Us All - Even the Millennials.

World Map, Travel, Couple, TravelerThere used to be the magic number of 65 representing the age of retirement in the United States.  Whether you ask yourself when it’s the right time to retire or of you start seeing the signs it is time to retire you could benefit from some planning or discussion.  Can you afford it, and are your ducks in order?  Do you feel it in your gut, or are your instincts telling you something?  Are you being pulled into a direction different than your career or job? Is there some internal clock that is guiding you to show down or to relax more?  These might be indicators that retirement is an option in your life.

Baby Boomer Healthy Old Man Outdoor Male A The culture of America has changed so much that this retirement age of 65 has now changed.  Baby Boomers (BB) are aging and living longer. In part, the BB reasons for living longer is connected to science, medicine and the pharmaceutical companies.  Many BB’s are realizing that they must be employed or have a career and income well into their 70’s to not only avoid poverty but to maintain their accustomed standard of living.  Moreover, many BB’s are relying on assistant living support and/or retirement homes as options in addition to family support.  Today Boomers are faced with redesigning their golden years and their lifestyle.  With this in mind as a Millennial (Generation Y) how do you see your participation with the aging Boomers?  With the Boomers how do you see your involvement in the Booming community and community at large?

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