Monday, March 11, 2013

The Downfall of a Adolescent Sports Star Without Mentors, Support, and Structure

This story of a sports star who "could have been" great is all too common. The San Juaquin Valley of California had an agriculturally grown high school basketball star golden boy.  Robert Swift was swept up and thrown in the big leagues with big money; sadly, he was swept away from his support system and comfort zone of hometown .  Capitalism and money instantly deemed him a commodity, a product.
This discussion has been ongoing about the inner-city youth and the lower SES child athletes. In fact, some colleges have made minimal attempts to support students in their education.  This gifted athlete is just one of the many who are vultured by big sports; big agents; and big money.  What would it be like if the NBA had regulations and policies in which players could enter the NBA after a college education or after learning a trade and becoming certified in that trade?  Are the sports agents and recruiters collaborating with teams to set up a two year intensive training program on financial planning; inter-personal and intra-personal relationships. Are these teams setting up spiritual support for their new recruits?  Are these teams supplying in-house mental health psychotherapy specializing in sports psyche.  So, as a clinician I have concerns about his well being.  For starters, he could benefit from exploring his understanding of roles, boundaries, responsibilities, obligations, his responsibilities to Self, and his self-esteem.  And who are his peers, friends, and positive role models?  Read more about Dr. Strayhorn's practice and philosophy...

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