Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Partrick's Day: A Celebration or a Prelude to Motor Vehicle Crashes, Sexual Assault, and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Sunday was the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Los Angeles  -- some claim as the drinking holiday of the year.  Each year during St. Patrick's day of rituals and merriment of the Irish comes the partying, the binge drinking, and the short term lack of responsible thinking.  It seems that the green beer
frequently distracts from the history and real meaning of St. Patrick's Day.   From a clinician’s perspective, it is a good idea to review some statistics from the Harvard School of PublicHealth and the Center of Disease Control that are associated with St. Patrick’s Day.


  1. Does SPD also create a fear based atmosphere - you'll die if you go out so stay in. You'll get pulled over so stay home and get drunk there.

    I hate going on on SPD because there might be a risk of getting hit by a drunk driver.

  2. Well the question is what is healthy paranoia? Statistically, could it serve you better to stay in or to avoid heavy traffic areas during times when the numbers show that accidents are prone to happen? I certainly don't know the answers but if one is anxious during these peek times how could they take control of the situation?